Over the years, I’ve done various drawings of places Kate and I have lived in or visited around the world. From a drawing of the Alhambra that I did in a couple of hours using Crayola colored pencils from my elementary school-aged brother’s backpack to a far more time-consuming and detail-oriented drawing of Shanghai landmarks, you can find all of my travel-themed drawings below. Enjoy!


This drawing, believe it or not, is on a very small piece of paper (about half the size of an A4 printer sheet). Why I chose such a small piece of paper for such a detailed drawing is beyond me, but I was still quite happy with the result: a cartoonish depiction of all of Kate and I’s favorite places from our time living in Shanghai.
This one is of the Yuanyang rice terraces in China’s Yunnan province. The flooded terraces acted like mirrors, reflecting the sky above. If you want to see actual photographs of the terraces, you can click here.
A colored pencil drawing of Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai with the Pearl Tower looming in the background. Shanghai, at its best, is a beautiful and often chaotic blend of the old and the new.
A water color of the famous Shanghai skyline, as seen from the Bund
The aforementioned colored pencil drawing of the Alhambra. I did it as a birthday present for Kate in 2012 shortly after we met and decided to travel to Spain together and try our luck at teaching and living in Granada.