The Badlands

In this post you’ll find our layout a bit flip-flopped with the poem from Kate coming at the beginning instead of at the end. Enjoy her words and the pictures below!

The Hidden Badlands

Brown and brittle
December prairie
rolls and undulates
right on through
the horizon.

With no warning
the earth collapses
into canyons
of striped rock
marbled with a dusting
of snow.

It seems a barren
a trap
to ensnare
an unassuming

Do not be deceived.
Be still
and watch.

Finches flutter,
solitaires soar,
and chickadees chirp
their cheerful hellos.

A squirrel scampers
then leaps
onto a lush green branch
of pine.

Despite their name,
given by others,
they are a sustaining source
for generations of life.

4 thoughts on “The Badlands

  • It is really nice to read your writing.
    I restart school life in Melbourne, struggling with readings and assignments,but enjoy and excited.

    Missing you

    From the most lovely people in the whole world: theresaaaaaaaa!!!


    • Hi, Theresa!!!! (The most lovely person in the whole world!!!!!!!!!)

      It is SO GREAT to hear from you! We’re really happy you read our blog!

      I hope you are doing well in Melbourne! Good look with your readings and assignments–hopefully you are able to have classes in person.

      I miss you, too!

      From the second most lovely person in the world: Kaaaaaattte!


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