My wife Kate and I lived, worked, and traveled around the world for seven years from 2012 to 2019, with no plans to stop exploring new places and cultures despite being permanently located in the States now. We first got the travel bug while studying abroad (separately) in Spain during college. There, we discovered just how much we loved traveling and also that spending a couple of weeks or even months in a given place wouldn’t do. So, after graduating, we pursued a TEFL certificate in Chicago where we met and quickly fell into many conversations together as we were the only two in our class interested in teaching in Spain. Several months later, we were on our way to Granada to begin teaching English.

It was rough goings at first. We were recently graduated college students, which meant we were desperately broke, and we spent the first couple weeks of our time in the country eating bread and jam for both lunch and dinner while roaming the streets of Granada day after day looking for a school to hire us. Eventually, our luck turned and within a week we had found a school to teach at as well as a place to live. Seven years later, with five of those unexpectedly taking place in China, we are still at it with our sights set on South America in the near future. The curse and joy of traveling is that the more places you visit, the more you become aware of the places you haven’t been to yet. And so, as we’ve continued to add sights and cities and whole countries to our growing list of places to experience, we’ve found ourselves in a rather nice dilemma to be in.



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